The mad scientist of the valley

Lay around me the boxes and shapes
of human nature and its questions.
Humbly one would ask who makes
as living things all the actions
And how little are those insects,
and how low are their sounds,
to hold mysteries to inspect
larger than the sky and ground?

O, the Earth and its functioning!
O, life and its beauty!
Around aliens, robots I was living
and my heart pounded feary
as death came closer to my mad mind.
O, how blind! How terribly big and blind
our ignorant knowledge of the universe…
Wouldn’t fit such darkness in this verse.
And in no mind either, I say
for time is fast and makes us prey

A castle of science could I have built
by the arms of clones and mutants,
and not one single drop of hot guilt
would melt my conscience

For in the sweet land of despair
are we, and humans are much to bear.
As my mind of sanity empties
my creations wonder and ask
of their destiny, emenies
and friends… such hard task!
“welcome to the world!” I’d say.
More human than ever you are now.

For my death takes me away…
And God is dead, one told me,
but one there was not to hold me.
Stupid and useless my madness grows.
Stupid and useless it grows…


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